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Burns when I pee, Painful, Urination, Home Remedy, Male, female, STD, Treatment

Pain during urination is a broad term that explains discomfort that occurs during urination. This pain may originate from your bladder, urethra or in the perineum. A urethra is a tube that connects the bladder and the ureter, or it carries the urine from the bladder to the outside of your body. The medical term that [...]

Eczema on Lips, Upper, around, Lip Line, Balm, Causes, Treatment, Pictures

What causes eczema on lips? Is eczema a contagious medical condition? Below are insights as captured by different authorities in the field of dermatology on eczema. Eczema on Lips Eczema on lips is also known as atopic dermatitis; it is a chronic skin condition that normally develops during childhood. According to America Academy of dermatology 30% [...]

Roof of Mouth Pain, Swollen, Hurts, when eating, Swallowing, Bruised, Causes, Get Rid, Treatment

Roof of the mouth pain is a common problem .This part of the mouth has delicate skin tissue that is susceptible to many mouth problems. Get more insight on the causes of roof of mouth pain, symptoms and treatment.  Roof of Mouth Pain Roof of mouth pain The roof of the mouth is also [...]

Painful Lump in Breast, Hard, Sudden, Cancer, Cyst, Get Rid, Pictures, Treatment

Breast is an organ that goes through numerous changes starting from puberty, to monthly menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, and even while undergoing menopause period. Most of the changes that occur in your breast during these periods are very normal and should not cause much concern. However, there are changes that may call for medical attention. For [...]

Are Warts Contagious, Causes, Meaning, Symptoms, How to get rid, in one Day, Overnight, Home Remedies

Are warts contagious? Get insights on the causes, meaning, symptoms, and how to get rid of warts in one day, overnight using the best home remedies, medical treatment or over the counter medicines. What is a Wart Are warts contagious This is a noncancerous skin growth that occurs when the top layer of the [...]

Pus on Tonsil, White Spots, no Fever, no Pain, Throat, Cause, Get Rid, Treatment

Is pus on Tonsils a worrisome medical condition?  How are STDs related to white spots? Find more insights and general overview of different authorities in the field of medicine on  white spots and pus on tonsils. Pus on Tonsils Pus on tonsils Pus on your Tonsils are usually caused by a viral or bacterial [...]

Blisters in Nose, Fever, White Sore, Water, Causes, How to Get Rid, Treatment

Nose blisters are sores that form on the inside or outside of a person’s nose. These blisters can form due to variety of reasons. In some cases, they form because of some type of injury to the nose. More often, however, they form because of a bacterial infection or even as a result of virus. Bacteria [...]

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